15162084809 Number

Cell or landline number 15162084809 can be found in area code 516. 516 numbers are generally can be found in New York, but note there are exceptions, especially for cell numbers. 15162084809 has switch code 516208, which is used to provide more accurate general location for the phone number. Note that the geographic location is still approximate. More accurate details you can find in a report. Cell phone numbers in general are harder to trace because the exchange code only identifies operator network instead of a physical switch as in case for landline numbers.

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Report by K. Patm - 2019-04-25
"This message is intended for John Smith. I was retained by the office to notify you that we do have a pending order that I have been retained to deliver to you either at your home or place of employment. Be advised once I receive an order of suspension I will need your signature and validate as well as supervisor's signature. This call is from Global Processing in reference to your claim number. KJ-02-1. This message is solely intended for David. David Smith. I also am a party to this legal document. KJ-02-1. You have been officially notified. Have a blessed day. ( I could hear the background noise.)

Report by KRMBUF - 2019-01-28
I received this call today on my cell phone. It's a scam. When you don't know and didn't leave a message you're out of luck and they can get some who has insurance. I have no idea who it is...

Report by SActical - 2019-01-02
I have received a number of calls saying things about student loan relief. I have never had any student loan and the name of the company calling is not even close to mine, but they still call. My caller Id says, "Out of Area" with no actual place in our area.

Report by Herculez - 2018-09-11
Caller ID says "Bainbridge I WA". Recorded message says that this is our second and final notice that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against us. I immediately added it to my call blocker.

Report by A ODD ONE - 2018-06-26
got the same phone call. what good is a do not call list if you still get calls?

Report by Shawn Moseley - 2018-03-21
Called them and said, "You are a scammer. You are not from SS Administration. I will find you and I will rip you apart." Scratcher

Report by Lazetta mullinsbobby - 2018-01-30
Didn't know the number so I didn't answer. Left voicemail saying, "Yes, that is...I need to speak with you about renewing (the dealership's warranty). Please call me at 1-877-225-8777."

Report by Jill Jesse Bass - 2018-01-04
This is a "lower interest rate" call. I pressed 1 to speak with someone and she stated she is with Visa/Mastercard and can get low rates. I asked her why I am not receiving calls from their company when I am. She stated they have a "global" division and that they do not call people "on the national do not call list." I told her I would be reporting it because I am on the Do Not Call list and that's when I hung up.

Report by S990 - 2017-10-07
Calling my mom asking for me. I told them if they can give me any information on who they are I will tell mom to send them to hell lol scammers

Report by Flint & Bone - 2017-05-10
Called from this number on my cell phone. It's from the Bchc region. There is a charity group here. They don't leave messages.

Report by El Donno - 2017-05-02
Has called multiple times. Leaves no message. I have blocked this number, but it still calls several times a day.

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