18127861256 Number

Cell or landline number 18127861256 can be found in area code 812. 812 numbers are generally can be found in Indiana, but note there are exceptions, especially for cell numbers. 18127861256 has switch code 812786, which is used to provide more accurate general location for the phone number. Note that the geographic location is still approximate. More accurate details you can find in a report. Cell phone numbers in general are harder to trace because the exchange code only identifies operator network instead of a physical switch as in case for landline numbers.

18127861256 - Submitted Comments

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Report by Slam Hater - 2020-05-28
Call every day. I block this number, they call from different numbers. Scammers.

Report by Cherryl Mitchell - 2020-02-20
Scammers. Do not give out info!

Report by Citi Chair - 2019-10-04
Caller ID said Chicago, IL. Didn't answer. Left a voicemail. Female, English accent, saying they are Social Security Administration and that they are starting disciplinary actions.

Report by Jim Barnhouse - 2019-05-25
It is a scam that started for me just today I am tired of it I dont owe anyone money and they call all morning. It starts off by dialing 1 and you wait for a representative to answer you with I believe you are looking to hire now when we answer you they hang up and when I call them back it says sorry you do not have enough cash in your account please call us back at a more convenient time I get this every month I have called 5 different times in same minute it's a scam you need to get a real job people.

Report by JB Turnbull - 2019-04-11
Recording saying to call back to the student loan department because the government will forgive my student loans unless I call to change my repayment plan.

Report by momc - 2019-02-16
I have had two texts from 90155 saying that if I want to cancel my membership and renew the money I need to press one. I know this is a trick to get you to give them money. I have not pressed one at all.

Report by WA Boy 382 - 2018-11-24
Called them back, they are scamming people. I played with them for a while, asking him if he can suck my [***] [***]. If I could find an address for you it will be the best gift I'll ever give you. He started yelling profanyle language and hung up. LOL

Report by E HRISTIS - 2018-09-20
I keep getting calls from this number. I'm not answering my phone anymore. They've called my house on all different cell phones and on both my cell and my landline. If the calls are coming in from the city codes I live in, they're spoofing numbers! There's no way I'd answer a number I don't know but I guess I'm gonna answer one of these calls next time to see who it is. The message they want me to enter is the same message everyone else is writing about. Oh well, they don't leave one of those messages so let them have it. I've had my cell number for 20 years and I'll have a few hits in them next time.

Report by Chape - 2018-05-27
no message left - don't know anyone in this area - blocked this number.

Report by Shawna Kiser - 2018-05-12
This call was to verify my information so they could put the 'prize' that I had been given, together with a 'certified check of $1,000.00' and $49.00 shipping fee of $2.90, together giving me the option of mailing $49.00 certified check of $300.00' for a reward that I received. They called and asked how big the check was so I told them

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