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Cell or landline number 18136323456 can be found in area code 813. 813 numbers are generally can be found in Florida, but note there are exceptions, especially for cell numbers. 18136323456 has switch code 813632, which is used to provide more accurate general location for the phone number. Note that the geographic location is still approximate. More accurate details you can find in a report. Cell phone numbers in general are harder to trace because the exchange code only identifies operator network instead of a physical switch as in case for landline numbers.

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Report by RA SC - 2019-07-06
Didn't answer, no message left. Added to my blocker app.

Report by P from KC - 2018-05-23
Unsecured referral of $250,000 with very low interest credit rate. Call 5 min. or more advance every week for an additional $250,000.00 per month. Have the office set up as the credit director - will direct you through the financial department so that we can get your budget up.

Report by P8931 - 2018-05-02
I just got a call as well from the same number it was a robo call that said that my computer license key has expired and my account will be frozen all my banking info will be lost if i want to cancel my

Report by NoName4 - 2018-04-19
This is a phone number that people have to use to pay debt...I just recently got this card and this number is on it (at least when I called it it was at least a phone #. It was a lady that talked to me she told me I got approved for this card, and it was for my son. I told her no, and she said that my son don't make a payment. She asked if i was still working full time, i told her then you could call my son and he will tell you. But it was weird as heck, so I told her no again,and hung up. Then she called back again. So I did the same thing as everyone else, but instead of them telling me she will call me back I talked to a lady that says they are calling from a Law Office, So then I go and put my son on the phone with them, They say that he has a bankrupcy going on. The guys talk about how they need to serve me with papers, The ladies name says the name is Linda Johnson. So I said is his wife there i can tell you more than that, They say hold on I will transfer you when my wife and I are done talking. The lady call back another 3 times, and I said what are the name that I am talkin about. The other lady says she can't answer the question but I need the name of the bank. I said your the one just talking. My daughter had called, saying she was talking at me, I had to go look up the # online and I called back 5 different times, but no answer, and the 6 times i called the 6th time my son askd me what this was about. The 6th time i hung up. This is a bank that is real bad.. So when I called again, after 3 more calls, and the lady talking to them, and then the guy called

Report by Bail1 - 2018-04-05
Got a phone call from them. No message left. I don't know who they are.

Report by lane hunter - 2017-11-30
Call from 806-334-5170...They called a few days ago also...left no messages...My message on ans.machine was..."This (INAUDIBLE) will never call the number again. For privacy protection, your number is being secretly blocked from calling me, and will never ring or beep my phone. We will never see your phone number. In fact, your number will be blocked from the entire Verizon network....

Report by nannyhust - 2017-10-27
I got a call from this number a little while ago. My phone only rang twice before they disconnected. I tried calling the number back but it was a recording about "if you want to be put on the do not call list, press 1." Yeah, sure, I will. I pressed 1. Then it said "your number has been removed from our database." I hung up.

Report by Loosiness - 2017-10-16
They contacted me also and I told them I would call a lawyer and this caller ID showed Madison, Wisconsin, they said I needed to talk to them.

Report by FRUSTRATED & HARRASSED - 2017-04-29
I just received a voicemail from this number as well. The message stated that a warrant has been issued (or something like that) and that I need

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