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Cell or landline number 19161620593 can be found in area code 916. 916 numbers are generally can be found in California, but note there are exceptions, especially for cell numbers. 19161620593 has switch code 916162, which is used to provide more accurate general location for the phone number. Note that the geographic location is still approximate. More accurate details you can find in a report. Cell phone numbers in general are harder to trace because the exchange code only identifies operator network instead of a physical switch as in case for landline numbers.

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Report by Maja Howard - 2020-01-31
We received a call on our answering machine from this number just now.The man told us he was the IRS with a hard to understand accent. He wanted us to call him back immediately and to take care of our situation today.I called the number back and asked them who it was and where they were located.The guy said "I need your phone number" and I needed to give it to him.He didn't answer the 3 questions I have for the IRS because he didn't know (other than the fact that I know my taxes are on time) and I didn't ask how he got my number but I did ask him what it was about.He then said he needed that information for paperwork to my tax return because the issue was urgent because of an error with the return.I said "if you can't tell me why you need my phone number you cannot help me, and I have no interest in giving you my information".I asked to speak with someone who was not an Indian who has a hard to understand accent he needed to call me right away to find out why it wasn't urgent right now and he hung up.I hope no one falls for this scam.

Report by Lroman - 2019-09-16
I see all these messages, it must be the same guys/machine. Just a new phone number or a new "machine" number. I don't answer, it went to voicemail.

Report by N Almost - 2019-02-16
Caller ID: PHILADELPHIA PAK. This call from Philadelphia was blocked by my Call Protect application.

Report by J R Station - 2018-10-12
"This call is (inaudible)...your company needs to call them back within 24 hours or they will assume you do not want their services"

Report by Mitch mgsot D - 2018-10-04
Caller Id says "unknown name". Didn't leave message. Call originated from St. Charles, MO

Report by L IRVINOR ROLLIN - 2018-08-14
A person with an Indian Accent called me yesterday and asked for my mom. I asked who he was looking for and he gave me her name. I don't know Mom, so I told him she was unavailable. He did not seem surprised, I think he just thought that because I asked who he was looking for, that he already knew who he was looking for. He then hung up without saying anything.I have no idea if he was the same person who called yesterday. No message.

Report by Ddeenlynn - 2018-08-06
These people are relentless and don't want to give up! We asked to not be called again and yet here we go from 855-213-4343. We had someone hang up on us when we called the police. DO NOT TALK TO THOSE PEOPLE. We

Report by C Mott - 2018-06-29
No message left.

Report by Icked business owner - 2018-02-10
You're wasting your time...it's a scam! And all they want is your hard earned money...and you can hear it in the back ground "oh my gosh my heart is heavy". Do not fall for it! You have been warned!

Report by Vahid spotter - 2017-11-29
This is a scam, and if you call back they have a number from NY, so that is where this is being reported. They ask your birthday and last 4 of your SS, they then ask for your bank account info to "credit" you $299.00 dollars. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS BECAUSE THIS IS A SCAM, NEVER give out your personal information over the phone.

Report by Kawblieski - 2017-11-08
So this number was calling to be the IRS and I needed to call them to find out if they were going to freeze my bank account and take me to court. They are scammers! BEWARE

Report by Mgirk Weaver - 2017-06-04
Calls me over and over no message...stop calling me!

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