19857734340 Number

Cell or landline number 19857734340 can be found in area code 985. 985 numbers are generally can be found in Louisiana, but note there are exceptions, especially for cell numbers. 19857734340 has switch code 985773, which is used to provide more accurate general location for the phone number. Note that the geographic location is still approximate. More accurate details you can find in a report. Cell phone numbers in general are harder to trace because the exchange code only identifies operator network instead of a physical switch as in case for landline numbers.

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Report by ncdot - 2019-05-28
Scam caller saying I am being sued. What a bunch of idiots.

Report by Love_geezin - 2019-03-20
Called cell but left no message.

Report by Glor - 2019-01-16
These people call every single day. If you have called them back to tell them to stop or to press one to opt out of calls they won't stop. They claim to be with the Cancer Fund of America. Please, everyone, do not give them any information about yourself other than your name and number and what they called. If you call them, they will ask for your card number. Don't give it to them, don't send it, Don't send it. They are not associated with and do not work for the cancer fund of America. They are thieves who make cold-calling call every day trying to get your personal information. Please, if you have the capability, do not give them anything. They will steal your identities.

Report by Kith - 2019-01-08
I picked up the phone in the middle of their message. It is a political survey group and they will NOT stop calling you, even after you politely let them know you are no longer going to participate. If you are receiving harassing robo phone calls after contacting you to request removal from their telephone marketing lists, contact your state representatives and demand that the federal government step in. You can get this problem corrected by calling 1-888-569-5705. Your representative should be able to help. Here in Texas there is no provision to ban political robo calls in your state. You may wish to call your member of the Texas state legislature today and tell him/her that your representatives are demanding that this form of obnoxious telephone marketing be banned. You also may wish to call the Texas Public Service Commission and make your voice heard in their ear in opposition to the robocalling practices at play here.http://dfi.wa.gov/consumers/alerts/cashservicesprogress.htm*****https://www.cash-a-f...157864.pdf*****http://www.cash-a-f...pdf-leverage

Report by D.Kelly - 2019-01-07
Got a call - no message

Report by H HAROLD - 2018-11-23
Called the number and it is a survey company for PBA.

Report by P. Shropsharp - 2018-10-07
Caller has been calling me and being very vulgar and then hangs up!

Report by STIMZ - 2018-04-07
These people call me everyday. I have asked repeatedly that they stop calling. Last month I gave them my phone number so they could find a replacement as my new provider. Since then, they keep on calling. I am a business owner. I have to do whatever I can to avoid them calling, I have to buy replacements. I am going to report them to the phone company first and then I will report to the attorney general's office, but it is such a hassle getting them to stop freaking calling. I know that there is a way to stop these scammers and it is costing me money, money being spent to try to get rid of them. I am so fed up with it. They call me several, several times a day. I am getting really freaked out. Please help!

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